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Foundation Course:

The foundation acoustic guitar course is the course curated for beginners.

The key features of the beginner acoustic guitar course include:

  • Introduction to the instrument and its design. Explanation of the parts and features of the guitar. This also includes the technique of holding the guitar.

  • Introduction to basic music theory

  • Introduction to the fretboard and placement of notes

  • Tuning the guitar

  • Introduction to rhythm and timing via basic exercises

  • Exercises for left and right hand coordination

  • Learning popular tunes including rhymes, themes and songs that help students understand the practical applications of their fundamental exercises and knowledge of music

  • Exercises to develop finger movement across frets


Intermediate and Intermediate Plus+ :

The key features of the Intermediate and Intermediate Plus+ acoustic guitar courses are:

  • Introduction to scales

  • Introduction to Staff Notation (Music Reading)

  • Introduction to chords and chord theory. Giving an insight into the application of chords

  • Learning basic strumming patterns in different time signatures


Advanced Courses:

The key features of the Advanced acoustic guitar course are:

  • Deeper and detailed study of scales and chords, and their practical implementation.

  • Advanced scales and modes

  • Advanced sight reading

  • Preparing solos and classical pieces.

  • Students are trained to perform solo and in a band on a professional stage. This process is also introduced from the very beginning and every student gets a chance to showcase their skills at our annual event, WAVES.


Students are also prepared for the Acoustic Guitar examinations conducted by Trinity College, London after they have reached the Intermediate Plus+ and Advanced Levels.

Guitar Courses

Guitar Courses

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