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Our annual event, WAVES, is a platform to promote and showcase the talent of all the students at SMI. Our students are not only trained to play and create music, but the art of performing and presentation is inculcated in them very early on during their courses.


WAVES helps them nurture and practically apply their skills as performers on a professional stage, in front of a large audience, comprising their families, peers and other esteemed guests.


The event also aims to bring enthusiasts together, to share their passion for music. It also promotes various genres, and artists from different spheres of the music scene in India. Guest artists are invited to share and perform on the stage to exhibit their musical skills which further the charm of the event, and which becomes both educational and inspirational for our students.


Our highly skilled organizing team at SMI ensures that the event is organized with the utmost professional standards, including the sound, light and stage setup. Their meticulous methods ensure a smooth flow of event, including handling the audience, guests and students, which makes the event a memorable one!

Catch a glimpse of WAVES here:


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