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Foundation Course:

The key features of the Foundation Drum Course are -

  • Stick holding technique

  • Rudiments (exercises)

  • Most of the course is taught on the practice pad to focus on the hand technique, which are later translated on to the drum kit.


Intermediate Course:

The key features of the Beginner Drum Course are -

  • Introduction to reading

  • Learning Basic beats

  • Basic drum fills

  • Covering Basic songs (After 5 months)

  • Introducing more Rudiments

  • Working on Hands-feet coordination 

  • Syncopation in beats and fills


Advanced Course:

The key features of the Advanced Drum Course are -

  • Independence exercises

  • Introduction to complex time signatures

  • Training in new genres like Progressive rock, Jazz, with case studies of music by popular artists

  • Introduction of important drum books by writers like George L. Stone, Gary Chester

  • Development of double bass drumming.


Right from the very beginning, every student gets a chance to showcase their skills at our annual event, WAVES. This helps in inculcating in the students the habit of performing in front of audiences.


During the intermediate course, students are also prepared for the Drum examinations conducted by Trinity College, London.

Drum Courses

Drum Courses

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